There is always a place for art in our life

Remember I told you I wanted to become an artist? Pretty unexpected for a scientist, ha? Well, not quite. You see, to make a successful engineer, you also need to be a bit of an artist. You can’t possibly do all those drawings and schemes without knowing which end of the pencil to grab. So, whether you want it or not, your drawing skills are gonna need an upgrade before you go to Harvard. Luckily, I used to attend art classes at school, so I don’t have any trouble knocking together a quick draft right in the lab. I still draw for my own pleasure once in a while. And I’m interested in contemporary art, too. Whenever I have a chance, I visit local exhibitions, check out what’s new in the web and add a few names to my list of favorites. That’s actually how I learned about Leonid Afremov, one of the greatest contemporary artists I know. He runs his own website,, where you can see and even buy his works in a matter of seconds. ‘But why would I wanna buy his works?’ you’d ask. Well, there is a good deal of reasons for that! I’ll put it like we scientists do:

Points in favor of Mr. Afremov:

  • His paintings are very colorful and very bright! Too much color isn’t always a good thing, but that’s not the case! Your eyes just can’t get enough of it!
  • The artist knows how to work with light. Street lamps, neon signs and their reflections echo each other creating an inner rhythm of the painting.
  • Pictures by Leonid Afremov are also highly praised for their impressionistic style. The strokes are laid very densely, with a short touch of the palette knife, covering the canvas like a colorful patchwork.
  • You can buy any painting you want at a really affordable price and it will be delivered right at your door free or charge!
  • Most importantly, these pictures are simply nice and kind. Many contemporary artists, painters and sculptors overcomplicate their works trying to make them more meaningful. But at the end of the day, what you need is something you don’t have to decipher, something you understand immediately and can relate to. The message Leonid Afremov is sending us is crystal clear: ‘Cheer up, life is wonderful!’ And he’s right!

Points against Mr. Afremov:

Just one: too many paintings to choose from!

Leonid Afremov is definitely one of the most talented contemporary Jewish artists – and not only for Israeli, but also for the entire world! I already bought a picture for my place and it only cost me around $200. I bet there is one for you too on his website! Just take a minute to look around!

image (3)


Hope for everyone

I’ve always wondered why we still rely on nuclear plants to power our cities and drive petrol cars with so many alternative options that can already be implemented. Today I learned about this wonderful initiative called the Venus Project started by a famous engineer and inventor Jacque Fresco  I’ll try to describe it in simple terms. Would you like to live in an automated house that electrifies and cleans itself without being connected to any power lines? Or drive a high-speed, low-consumption car with magnetic levitation and a smart interface capable of preventing most accidents and getting you home safely even if you fall asleep behind the wheel? Or breathe clean air free from industrial pollutions? It’s all real and it already exists on a small patch of land near Miami! You can even go there and see it all with your own eyes. Jacque Fresco has a global plan for altering the world as we know it. And looking at his projects, I have no doubt it would work. Technically, I mean. Of course, there will always be people who would rather see their grandchildren die from lung cancer than let go of the profits they get from running a petroleum factory. Unfortunately, we live in a world that’s governed by money. But I hope – no, I sincerely believe – one day that’ll change!

Greetings from Harvard!

My name is Robert Winston and I’m what they call a science nerd. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not obsessed with my grades and I don’t mention my IQ on the first date. I’m just crazy about engineering and you have to deal with it if you wanna deal with me 🙂 My dream is pretty banal, but pretty noble: developing sources of clean energy to replace nuclear power. Many of my friends consider science to be dull and terribly complicated. They think it’s all about numbers and formulas, but I see science as a kind of art. Every day we, scientists, are looking for answers and solutions, inventing new theories and technologies, reshaping the world that surrounds us. This is actually a very creative job and I’m happy I chose it among all the options out there. Believe it or not, but I seriously considered becoming an artist! I’ll tell you more about it in my next post. Take care!